One of the reasons why a lot of traders are skeptical about using an auto trading software is because they are cautious about getting scammed. There are a lot of scammers in the internet and binary options is no exception about it. You must have at least heard rumors about how there are self-claimed the best auto trading software that they were able to generate a specific amount of profit in just a span of one month. You will immediately know the characteristics of a scam auto trading software because of the way they are trying to buy your sentiment through their theatrics.

According to Binary Option Robot Info, one of the common traits of scam auto trading software is how their website are poorly designed. They don’t bother making their website at a level of a professional since they have mostly poured their resources on making a very convincing video telling its viewers how there are secrets of the wealthy they are not sharing with everyone. The wealthy are such a hot issue among the middle class and the poor, this is why such a scenario really sells to innocent traders. Other than the dramatic video, they will also make use of photo-edited images of celebrities and use it as the photo of its members. The supposed members make statements on how the software was able to change their life in just a short amount of time. When you make your own investigation about it, you will eventually find out that they are not authentic at all. However, you must always keep your guard up when they try to sell you software through a video filled with drama.

An auto trading software without any list of its specs or key features is another red flag that you should watch out for. If you are developing software that is going to be used by professional traders, you should at least list down the key features that will make the traders consider your offer. If such features are non-existent even in their website, it is either the software is so bad it got very poor ratings or the whole system is just too simple that it can’t even detect a good signal. The established auto trading systems always list down both the advantages and disadvantages of using their software, not to mention there are testimonies displayed by those who have already used it. Another red flag is how they have no trading history. It can be very sketchy to an auto trading software that doesn’t show their past trades. If they really are indeed a software that can make its traders earn profit, why hide their results? The trading history of its software should be clearly stated in their website.

There are more red flags that points to scam, but it is your responsibility to do a good research about every auto trading software you encounter. This is to save you from becoming their victim.

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